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About NAC

The Show

We love Netflix and we love watching TV shows and movies on Netflix. What we don’t like is wasting time looking for something to watch. That’s why we set out to become the number one source for your Netflix recommendations. Sure Netflix has a super expensive algorithm that makes recommendations for you. But, it’s not perfect and if you’re watching with others, it’ll take a while before you all settle on something. And even if Netflix’s artificial intelligence starts taking over the world one recommendation at a time… won’t be nearly as entertaining as us!

The Original Concept

Netflix and Chill (NAC) started out as a  Netflix movie review show created by Jordan Randall and Terry Tyler. The original concept of the show was to help viewers find movies to watch on Netflix. We love movies and we’ve watched all of the usual suspects on Netflix. So now that you’ve seen House of Cards, Stranger Things, and all of the other talked about blockbusters, what should you watch next?

Well, to make things easier, Jordan and Terry randomly select movies to watch using a randomizer. The point was to find and review movies that you normally wouldn’t even give a second thought.

” We watch everything on Netflix so you don’t have to.”

The guys from Netflix and Chill leave no stone unturned. This way they find those overlooked hidden gems for the serious film fan or they get to laugh at some seriously awful movies.

What We Learned

There are a lot of really, really bad movies out there. We found it nearly impossible to land on something decent. After watching the worst film known to man, All Stars, we knew we had to do something different. So we decided to pre-select movies and shows to watch, placed them on a dart board, and threw darts to see which one we’d land on. To be even more entertaining, we started adding challenges like giving a synopsis in under 30 seconds. It’s a lot harder than you think!

Why Do We Drink Cold Shots?

We created this show to have fun and having a few beers with your friends is a part of that. It’s also our version of a drinking game and it’s a fun, unique way to review things. But why Molson Canadian Cold Shots? They are the cheapest brand you can find in Toronto, Canada. If you would like to donate to our show, we will promote your brand!

The Creators

Netflix and Chill Movie Reviewers Terry Tyler
Terry Tyler: Netflix and Chill Creator/Co-Host, Actor, Blogger, and Social Media Junkie

Favorite Netflix Movie: The Prestige (as of 16/11/2016)

Favorite Netflix TV Show: Breaking Bad (as of 16/11/2016)

Twitter: @terryjamestyler

Instagram: @terryjamestyler

Personal Blog:

About Netflix and Chill: Jordan Randall
Jordan Randall: Netflix and Chill Creator/Co-Host, Filmmaker, Musician

Favorite Netflix Movie: Green Room (as of 16/11/2016)

Favorite Netflix TV Show: Futurama (as of 02/12/2016)

Instagram: @randalljordan

Twitter: @jordanrandalls

YouTube: Jordan Randall


David Smith Toronto
David Smith: Netflix and Chill Creator/Co-Host, Avid Movie Watcher

Favorite Netflix Movie: Winter in Wartime (as of 02/12/2016)

Favorite Netflix TV Show: Stranger Things (as of 02/12/2016)